Everything we do is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
Equip is our main method of discipleship to see that mission fulfilled. 

What is Equip Growth at Ignite?

Equip is Ignite's discipleship strategy to lead everyone a part of our church family and beyond  to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Equip Growth is a 5 step program designed to help you not only get connected to Ignite, but to be equipped in the areas of spiritual disciplines, theology, leadership, and evangelism. 

Already in Step 2 or further?

Here is the link to get logged in to Ministry Grid, which is where all our virtual classes are for Step 2, 3, and 4.

Can't attend in person?
Join us online!

That's right! Equip is now available for you to take online! All the same great teaching and online so you can participate from anywhere! Sign up below.

Equip Growth  
F . A . Q . ' S

Here are some of our frequently asked questions when it comes to our Equip Growth process.

Do the Steps have to be taken in order?

Steps 1 and 2 must be completed before steps 3- 5. However, once you have completed step 2 you will be able to complete steps 3, 4, and 5 in any order. Registration will be opened first to those who have completed the previous step and then it will open for everyone.

What is the format of the EQUIP Growth Track?

The EQUIP Growth track are in person classroom meetings but with required content to be completed online prior to the start of class each week. All the online content has been created and recorded by Ignite Church.  Online content can be completed at the convenience of the participant on their own time previous to the start of class.

What do I get by completing the EQUIP Growth Track?

You get the benefit of being fully EQUIPPED for whatever missions God has for your life and to live as a fully devoted follower of Christ. Also, you get a free T-Shirt. So yeah, its kind of a big deal.

What If I have already completed Ignite Partnership before it became step 1 of the Growth Track?

Then you already a partner and you can proceed to Step 2 of the Growth Track!

How often will these EQUIP Growth classes be offered?

We have committed to providing all 5 steps in their entirety 2 times this calendar year in person and 3 times online.

Have more questions about EQUIP?

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