Pastors & Staff

Jason Lineberger

Lead Pastor   |    jason.lineberger@ignitechurch.com

Pastor Jason moved to Greenville along with two other families on June 15, 2009 to begin Ignite Church. He is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and has a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Seminary. Pastor Jason has been in the ministry since 2002. He is happily married to his wonderful wife Jessica and has four beautiful children: Gabby, Nathaniel, and the twins, Zachary and Jeremiah. From the first small group in his living room to Ignite having its first permanent space, Ignite reaches over 1,000 people every week. Pastor Jason leads our church family at Ignite in believing that the best is yet to come!

Jake Moore

Executive Pastor   |    jake.moore@ignitechurch.com

Jake joined Ignite's staff in January of 2020. He brings a wealth of experience to our staff with many years in full time ministry in many different roles. He is passionate about serving God's church through his attention to detail and equipping leaders. Jake is married to his wife Corrie, and they have three children, Levi, Hadleigh, and Arden.

Josh Faulkner

Discipleship Pastor   |    josh.faulkner@ignitechurch.com

Josh has been on staff at Ignite since the summer of 2019. He is passionate about helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus. One thing is for sure, when you see Josh coming, be prepared to laugh! Josh is married to his wife Katheryn and they have one son, Landon.

Chris Lineberger

Worship Pastor   |    chris.lineberger@ignitechurch.com

Chris is one of the founding pastors of Ignite alongside his brother Jason. He is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet. What drives his passion is Jesus Christ and he works tirelessly to help our church family have powerful encounters with Him at our services. Chris is married to his wife Krystal and they have three beautiful children, Jericho, Journey, and Jasher.

Stephen Dupree

Communications Pastor   |    stephen.dupree@ignitechurch.com

Stephen has been on staff at Ignite since summer of 2013. He has held many roles in that time, but through them all his main passion is to see our church healthy and growing. Don't go in his office or he may take your picture! Stephen is happily married to his wife Kaylynn.

Elizabeth Brantley 

Women's Pastor   |    liz.brantley@ignitechurch.com

Elizabeth (Liz) has been full time at Ignite as women's pastor since January 2019. She is passionate about seeing women step into all that God has for their lives. She also is a dynamite speaker, and if you have heard her, you know what we are talking about! She serves as women's pastor and also helps serve as FUSE associate pastor.

Rob Kozlowski

FUSE College Pastor    |    rob.koz@ignitechurch.com

Rob came to the Ignite staff full time in January of 2020. We would say he comes from the sunshine state, but the truth is he comes from all over! Through ministry positions in Sweden with Hillsong Church, Charlotte with Elevation Church, or Florida with Christ Fellowship his passion for seeing college students know Jesus is so evident. Rob is happily married to his wife Femi.

Devin Trulin

Radiate Youth Pastor   |    devin.trulin@ignitechurch.com

Devin joined the Ignite staff as Youth Pastor January of 2019. Devin is truly gifted by God to connect with middle and high school students in a powerful way. He serves knowing that students are not the church of tomorrow, but they are the church of today. He also is down for some hockey or video games when the occasion arises! Devin is happily married to his wife Dayln.

Brittany Shifflett

Ignite Kids Pastor   |    brittany.shifflett@ignitechurch.com

Brittany has been on the Ignite staff as kids pastor since January 2017.  Brittany leads our kids ministry with a passion to see kids understand and know Jesus in a powerful real way. She is excellent at riding scooters and loves to plan events like a boss! She serves fully believing in putting the next generation at the front of the bus.

Mary Beth Wadford

Executive Assistant   |    marybeth.wadford@ignitechurch.com

Mary Beth has been executive assistant at Ignite since Spring of 2016 and she has been an incredible blessing to our church from day one. She loves being organized and helping keep our staff together. There is a reason she is nicknamed the "Gate keeper" and it's not because she likes gates! Mary Beth is married to her husband Alex, and they have one daughter, Cambree.

Leslie Davies

Accounting Staff    |    leslie.davies@ignitechurch.com

Leslie has been on staff at Ignite since 2014. She self admittedly loves a good calculator. Leslie is also involved in helping lead our Backpack Pals ministry here at Ignite. She serves passionately to help see people become fully devoted followers of Christ. 

Jerenae Raeford

Worship Assistant    |    jerenae.raeford@ignitechurch.com

Jerenae has been a part of Ignite worship for many years and joined as our worship assistant in May of 2020. Jerenae has a music degree from East Carolina University and  is passionate about seeing people become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Jake Lehrke

Radiate  Assistant Director    |    jake.lehrke@ignitechurch.com

Jake has been on Ignite's staff as the Radiate assistant director since 2019. Jake loves students and love to see them grow in their faith. Through leading small groups, or leading a crazy game, Jake is passionate about leading middle and high school students to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

Morgan Hazelwood

Ignite Kids Assistant    |    morgan.hazelwood@ignitechurch.com

Morgan started serving as the Ignite Kids assistant in June 2020. She serves passionately to help see kids become fully devoted followers of Christ. Morgan is married to her husband Corey, and they have two daughters Charlotte and Lily.

Laurie Crutchfield

Communications  Assistant    |    laurie.crutchfield@ignitechurch.com

Laurie started serving as the Ignite communications assistant in May 2020. She serves passionately to help our staff communicate the gospel effectively and help others become fully devoted followers of Christ. Laurie is married to her husband Chris, and they have two sons Justice and Seth.