Small Group Resources

You are a great leader.
All great leaders need help.

Learning to use Planning Center

Ignite uses Planning Center Online as a church management system. This helps us do everything from scheduling Sunday morning teams, to helping manage groups like yours. Learning a new system can be challenging but here is a helpful link to help out.

Childcare Reimbursement

It's a digital form for you to fill out to request reimbursement.
Ignite wants to help cover a babysitter for your group.

Tough Situations

Every leader has that tough situation where it can be hard to know where to start to help. This is a list of helpful guides in situations ranging from pornography, and anxiety, to suicide, and abuse.

Right Now Media

This is a helpful website our church subscribes to filled with video based Bible study's and teaching. If you have never used it before you need to check it out! If you need more access, reach out to Pastor Josh.

Ignite V ideo Studies

You've Got What It Takes

It's so easy to live in the world we live in and believe we aren't good enough. We don't have it in us to do something great for God, or even hear from him. In this study, Pastor Jason dives into how we do have what it takes!


Jonah and the whale is a story you may have heard before, but there is a lot more to the story than that. In this study Pastor Jason discusses what we can learn from this small but very impactful book of the Bible.


From Shepard to King, David was a man after God's heart. While he did so many great things for God, he also had some pretty big failures as well. Jump into this study with Pastor Jason as he walks through lessons we can learn from David.


Jesus lived a life that was full of miracles. It was so common but that tends to not be the case for many Christians in their walk with Jesus. Join Pastor Jason in this Study to talk through what we can learn about the miracles of Jesus and what that means for our lives today.


The book of Galatians is rich in theology, and full of application. We have so much that we can learn from this book, and so much that we can use to help us grow. The balance of truth and grace is something we all battle with at different points in our life. Join Pastor Jason as he walks through the book of Galatians.